In August, we launched the website as an evangelistic tool. Realizing the tremendous power of this digital age, we established a presence in the www sphere. It has been a primary tool for disseminating information about the activities of Do It for Christ ministries. The site is kept simple and uncomplicated to encourage quiet time with oneself and Jesus. Step away from the “busy busy” of the world and recharge in the Lord’s presence. When you visit our website we pray it is devotional time spent focusing on Jesus and what God can do with the situations you may be facing in your life. The site contains prayers, Scripture, and Jesus moments. There are inspirational thoughts and audio messages. We encourage you to memorize the weekly Bible Verses. Find Jesus Christ and make Him your friend, confidante, Lord and Savior.

We began the year’s activities with Celebrate Life Worship Festival, held in the Washington D.C. area.

In August, servant Hortense wrote, published and released her Testimony of the unending capacity of God’s grace and love. The book, She Shall Stand, subsequently received an award in the Christian Living category. This inspirational masterpiece continues to touch lives throughout the Christian community and beyond. It gives a whole new meaning to the power of prayer, faith, and hope.

During Easter season, we made our first missions trip to Accra, Ghana, the gateway to West Africa. We distributed Christian literature in the forms of our newsletters and pamphlets and She Shall Stand. Big and small wonders continued throughout the year.

We launched another digital outreach, the Hortense Inspiration Blog. The blog is widely read and serves as one of the many speaking agents of our mantra, helping hurting people help themselves.

We launched the Noon Prayer Campaign for Liberia. Servant Hortense wrote a National Noon Prayer for Liberia. The call to prayer is ongoing in our ministry efforts in Liberia and to Diaspora Liberians.

We launched The BIHOBSOT Circuit (Be it Highway or Byway Stay on Track). This is the Evangelistic Speaking and Prayer Ministry of Servant Hortense proclaiming Jesus Christ as the one and only way to God. Prayer is indispensable to living.

In August, we began the Radio Ministry Broadcast of Do It for Christ Ministries. Named the Hortense Inspiration Show, the program is a mix of prayer, evangelism, inspiration, spiritual wisdom, humor and motivation with an African tinge. The broadcast airs weekly in Monrovia, Liberia West Africa and has been received with great positive reviews.

Around Thanksgiving, in November, we followed the Lord’s directive and launched the National Noon Prayer Campaign for the United States. The campaign is a national call to prayer along with a USA noon prayer written by Servant Hortense.

We launched the Solace Africa Project. The SAP is commencement of further activities fulfilling the assignments and the Vision of Do It for Christ Ministry.

On Easter Sunday early dawn, Servant Hortense received a heavenly vision from the Lord revealing events concerning the second coming of Jesus Christ. The Lord instructed His daughter to warn about the imminent return of Jesus Christ to judge the world. The Lord instructed that priority be given to proclaiming a message of Redemption, the Cross, and Eternity.

We increased our digital presence and began an aggressive utilization of social media as a tool for witnessing, evangelism and inspiration.

Through our Monrovia Endeavor Project, a distribution of Christian literature, tracts, and gospel material was made to a small community of young adults and children in Liberia. With a few presents of school supplies and gift items, little children were told about the love of Jesus Christ. This outreach was handled by our friend and fellow Christian sister, Mrs. White.

In the Fall a MOBs meeting was held under the Woman-in-You auspices. At a spirit-filled all night Prayerfest several ladies gathered to cry out to the Lord. Jesus showed up and made His presence and power experienced.

December 2013 saw the launch of the HortenseInspiration Magazine with our premiere Christmas Edition. The Christmas special contained the prophetic message, “GO TELL THE WORLD” which was given to Servant Hortense on December 4, 2012, through divine revelation. The magazine is scheduled to be a quarterly publication.

The New Year has started with tremendous possibilities for the growth of Do It for Christ Ministries. We are seizing every opportunity to spread the Jesus message of love, redemption and God’s grace.  In anticipation of our 15th anniversary in August, we have many plans. Other efforts are being tailored to expand the ministry outreach branches to various areas in the United States. We are anticipating several mission trips to Africa this year. We are working in God’s timing and provision. We know that the vision may yet be for an appointed time but at the end it shall speak. The vision shall not lie. Though it tarries, I choose to wait for it. Because I know it will surely come. It will not tarry. God says in His word, “…Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him, but the just shall live by his faith.” (Habakkuk 2:3-4 KJV).

Jehovah God is sufficient for me. Since that miraculous day on August 1, 1999, God has not ceased to amaze me. I stand in awe of Jesus Christ and his transforming power. My life is no longer mine. I live and breathe to Do It for Christ. I exist to bring glory to the name of Jesus Christ. The calling on my life is greater than me. If it were not for my strong faith in the Lord, I would be so intimidated by it I could crawl under my bed. Throughout my life prayer is my deepest passion. Prayer is my method for staying grounded. I hold on to a deep faith as I keep my mind wrapped around this tremendous assignment and stay focused. I am determined to do everything in my strength to make the Lord proud that He could count on me. My God is JEVOHAH El SHADDAI. Jesus Christ is sufficient for me. The Lord is sufficient for His people.

My friend, I love you with a sisterly love of Christ. Be encouraged to rehabilitate and renew yourself in Jesus that your life may bring Glory to the Name of Jesus Christ. God owns you and that life. If and when it gets broken give it to Him. Let the Lord fix you, and your life, for His glory. May the love of Jesus bring you lasting laughter.

Servant Hortense
March 18, 2014