Fulfillment of the Lord’s Mandate:  To Share a Message of Self-Rehabilitation and Renewal through Jesus Christ.  Motivate a Hurting People about the Power of Prayer, the Word of God and Guidance by the Holy Spirit. 

Pray about every Imaginable and Inconceivable Circumstance in your Life. Read and/or Hear the Word of God: Our Strength to Strive Lies in the Truths of the Bible.
Allow the Holy Spirit to Direct your Path.



In this life, we all experience trials one way or another.  We can overcome adversity and turn troubles into triumphs, by knowing Christ intimately.  We begin our life as a Christian when we accept Jesus Christ into our heart.  Many times, it’s only after we have tried it our way, that we realize the Sovereignty of God controls every aspect of life.  When we are totally and completely surrendered to His will, only then can we begin to understand this scripture truth:  “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you…” (Jeremiah 1:5 NIV)  My friend, God has a plan for your life and mine. 


I am deeply passionate about two things in life: One is prayer; the other is People who are Hurting.  I dislike seeing others in need, and it breaks my heart to see sufferings of any kind.  I am fiercely protective of loved ones and care deeply about people, especially the ones who are hurt.  Whether it is emotional, psychological or physical wound, I always desire to help fix it.  From a very young age, I planned to become a medical doctor, only because it was a way to heal sick people.  I would go on and vigorously pursue that goal.  Unfortunately, several personal incidents interfered and derailed my life’s dream of attending medical school.  I became very discouraged, devastated, angry and frustrated.  Eventually, I managed to move beyond that and later relocated to the United States.  Throughout my life my passions have remained the same; Prayer and Hurting People.  I have an aversion to hardships in people’s lives, and often let my sympathy exceed my own interests.  But, I am happiest when those around me are happy, and get my greatest joy from letting loved ones shine. 

Prayer is my other deep passion:  the secret to my life.  Prayer is my lifeline and my favorite pastime.  Prayer gives a whole new meaning to circumstances.  Like so many of you, life has presented my share of challenges.  Ironically, hurtful things I would rather not see others endure always come to find me.  Prayer is my only solace.  I cry out to God; and time after time, after time, the Lord hears me and rescues me each time, His Way!  Over and over He would mercifully lift me up to a different level; a different level of faith and sight.  He would make His face to shine upon me, and He would be gracious; oh, so gracious, to me.  I have come to understand that God, in His divine Providence, orders our steps. 


In the early dawn of Sunday, August 1, 1999 as I slumbered, God came down to Bowie, Maryland, USA, and tapped me.  In an amazing divine encounter, I experienced the anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Command to Proclaim His Word and Speak to People who are Hurting; Specifically, the People on the Continent of Africa.  The magnitude of that miraculous encounter defies my expression, and to this day still astonishes me.  You see:  I am not a theologian; nor a Minister of the Gospel.  I am simply an ordinary Christian woman, who believes in the remarkable, dynamic power of prayer; and with a life passion for hurting people.  God knew me, and would in His own time, bring both to fruition.  Surely, before He formed me He knew me.  It became clear that God had always been in control, working things out for good.  The Lord would combine two things that are most important to me, and create an anointed Ministry about Him.

I wrestled with the Lord, crying bitterly, explaining that I was not able, and that it was a hard call.  I pleaded with Him, to serve Him in a quieter way with my private prayer life, and that I didn’t want to be public.  Of course, I was by no means a closed door Christian.  I have always been open about my relationship with the Lord and my faith.  I just wasn’t ready to speak publicly about the depth of that faith.  I was afraid that such open boldness about the Lord would invite persecution from every angle.  I was afraid of becoming an unending target for more trials.  The Lord was firm; but merciful, patient and loving.  Jesus let me know that this was His plan for me.  In the end God won, and I surrendered to His perfect plan for my life. 

In the days following, there were several intense sacred revelations.  All I could do was cry like a baby, day and night.  When I tried to explain to my husband, fellow believers, pastors and family; all I did was weep bitterly.  That was the only way I could handle what was happening.  In time, I experienced a great decrease and allowed the Lord to increase in me.  I stood in awe of Jesus Christ and His transforming power.  God does not force us, but makes us willing.

Following that momentous week, my doubts and fears abound; but the Holy Spirit gave me strength and courage.  Through the scriptures and His presence, the Lord comforted me and calmed my fears; urging me to go forth and fulfill His command.  The Holy Spirit softly prompted me to do it for Christ who loves me so much:  Do it for the glory it will bring to His name.  I finally found rest in the fact that a loving God that He is, knows best.  I relied on one of my favorite Bible verses:  “As for God, His way is perfect; the Word of the Lord is flawless.  He is a shield for all who take refuge in Him.”  (2 Samuel 22:31 NIV)  I came to the realization that my God is an awesome God, and He only gives good things. 

That was the birth of this Spiritual Motivational Outreach Ministry, and so named DO IT FOR CHRIST.   “IT” in this context means “Living”.

We began to follow God’s lead in ministry.  In obedience to one of the “sacred revelations”, we formed the outreach branches.  Our home was opened to DPH Home-Based Prayer Meetings. The meetings were held on Friday evenings. More outreach activities continued.  A Celebrate Life program was held.  The Precious Gems of Gemstone outreach branch hosted a beautiful Easter Program.  We continued the Friday DPH.  We became more involved in church, Sunday school and becoming a better equipped Christian woman.