Hortense Inspiration Evangelistic Tour
“Be It Highways or Byways Stay on Track”

Theme: I Thank You Lord for Jesus!

My Friend,

Heat is building up! Fires are raging and the flames fan high above your head. Desires are burning in your spirit. You are aching all over with the cares of the world. Fear trumps your efforts. Defeat tramples your song. Lumps in your throat stifle your praise. Weakness in your density makes standing impossible. Fatigue and weariness are causing a shifting in your structure. Complacently, you sit in a pile of pity. That fever of rage just would not go away. You are having night sweats from unsolved dilemmas. Overwhelmed by the thoughts of all of it, sudden chills run through you. My Friend You Need to be Biopsied!

Are you being led astray from your blessed path? Is something gnawing away at the core of your being? Have you been robbed of the abundant joy that is rightfully yours?

Someone has determined to give you all that you could ever want or desire. Someone has the treatment plan for your life. Someone wants to give you joy unspeakable, hope unshakable, and eternal life indisputable. That “Someone” is Jesus. Jesus wants to hear from you! Jesus Christ wants to Fix You and Fix It, For You.

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