Jesus? Eternity?

Did you rejoice today? This is the day the Lord has made. God only makes good things. Rejoice today. Rejoice that God will keep His promise to return to earth and take you home to be with Jesus forever!
Christ makes true on all His promises. The Lord’s word can be trusted. One day soon the TRUMPET will sound. Are you ready to meet Jesus? Are you Christian enough to face the rapture? Just checking.
Do you still see everyone who was around since you were a baby? Many are no longer on earth. If they are not on earth, they are somewhere. Have you considered Jesus? Have you thought of Eternity?
We are fascinated with stories about Heaven. But reject Jesus. Jesus-God the Son who came down from Heaven—Lived on earth—Died and woke up from the dead—Spent more time on earth—Lifted Himself off earthly ground into the clouds—Straight back up to Heaven. We believe encounters about heaven, and reject Jesus the only one we know who came from heaven? DUH!???
My friend, all the message boils down to is this: SALVATION IS FREE. It is available. Ask today. Be Forgiven. On your way to Freedom.


An Encounter with Jesus Christ.
Sins Forgiven. Stains Cleansed.
Guilt removed. Shame Erased.
Try Jesus. Make Him Your Lord.