Love is a universal language. Learn to speak it in your strongest voice. Speak love’s language with your softest tone. Express love at your highest pitch. Speak it well, it will answer you. True love responds to love.

Hortense Inspiration Love Potion

“Often, we love those we love with no guarantee they’ll love you back. They may have once loved, liked, or cared a lot about you; however, feelings do change. Save yourself unnecessary grief. Fall in love with the one who loves you and appreciates you for the loving, unique, and exceptional person that you are.”

“Do not grieve and nurse a broken heart unnecessarily. Be vibrant and happy that you are alive. Especially, when one is young and still searching. Trust the Lord to guide you. Abide in God’s love for you. Life goes on and living it gets better.”

“Never have to beg another person to love you. You are a one-of-a-kind human being. There is no other identical to you. Likewise, God has custom made someone just for you.”

“Being in love with someone who loves you is thrilling. Pray and ask God to direct our path as you meet new people. When you find true love, embrace it and go for it. Enjoy yourself.”

Excerpts from SHE SHALL STAND, Hortense Duarma Grimes