Soul Provision


Who is this man, Jesus? The Servant would be sensitive to the needs of His people. This would be a compassionate servant. The prophet had said, “A bruised reed He will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out.” Isaiah 42:3 

Sometimes the longings of the soul are overpowering. Often times, sinful acts are committed to satisfy those deep longings. When you acknowledge sin and ask the Lord for pardon and cleaning, Jesus will not bruise you further. You can rest assure he will not treat you with complacency when you tell Him of your hurts. Be assured, there is no one more important to Him than you. You are as significant to Jesus as anybody else. Your voice will be heard when you cry out for Him. When you call out to Him the Lord will hear you. 

Lord is just, and fair and righteous. He does not condone your sin but because of His unending grace, He will treat you with dignity and let you know how bad sin is for yourself. He would speak lovingly to you, encouraging you to turn from sin and accept the new lease He alone can offer you. Jesus does not strip you further of yourself. He restores your dignity. He will not break the bruised you. Hallelujah!

He will not cut off your flame that is flickering because you no longer know who you are. When Jesus lifts up your head he dusts you off, stands you up and straightens you up. He sets you back on track with a hug. He tells you to go and sin no more. All the while telling you my child, I love you.

There is strength in Jesus for the wounded heart. If you but only turn over to Jesus you would find the strength that you need. The Lord is kind, compassionate and gracious! Blessed be the name of the Most High God. Hallelujah!


Blessings and Peace