Soul Provision


According to the news, 13.1 million viewers watched the first episode of the Bible miniseries aired on the History Channel, representing the largest cable TV audience to date of 2013. Wow! Such great news that is! Blessings, to the creators of the Series.

In my opinion, if that many people are interested in Biblical stories told through imagery it means that a vast number of people, at least, recognize the validity of the Bible. Hopefully, more people would be convicted to Read the actual Bible and digest the Word of God given to mankind. Prayerfully, several million more people will be convicted of the “Truth” contained in the Bible and realize that every word in the Word of God shall come to pass. Unlike imagery which grows dim with the passage of time, the Bible summons in one’s mind permanent images of the tremendous power of God’s love displayed through the resurrected Christ.

All that is left to make a difference and change the wayward direction of the world is for the over 13 million people who were glued before their televisions, to begin application of Biblical principles in daily life. What a different world it would become if one by one, we each committed to apply the same fascination with the movie to obeying the Scripture. Soon the world would be a different, much better place!

My friend, it is time for Christians to proclaim from rooftops, mountaintops, pulpit-tops, social media, television, radio, print and every form of media this soon-to-be-firmly established truth: “One day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of God.”

People of God, it is time to pray more, evangelize, witness and win others to know the Lord through accepting salvation in Jesus Christ. The “actual” BIBLE contains sixty-six books that will transform your life forever!

When the media hype of the Bible Miniseries is over, the BIBLE will still remain. When the thrill of watching the brilliant acting performances is long pushed to the back of memory, the “actual” BIBLE—the Word of God—will still be what is has always been: The divinely inspired, authoritative word of God that is the Living Manual for Humanity. Let’s get fascinated with Scripture. It has the power that you need for the journey that you are on.


Blessings and Peace