Following that divine meeting with Jesus I began to follow God’s lead in ministry. In obedience to one of the sacred revelations, In 2000 I formed the Ministry Outreach Branches (MOBs). My home was opened to DPH Home-Based Prayer Meetings. The meetings were held on Friday evenings. More outreach activities continued. A first Celebrate Life program was held. The Precious Gems of Gemstones outreach branch hosted a beautiful Easter program. We continued the Friday DPH. I became more involved in Church activities and Sunday school. I spent much time learning and becoming a better equipped Christian woman. At the dedication of what I called the ‘Do it For Christ’ Residence, the ministry was formally launched in April 2007. The first newsletter was circulated later that year. Around the Christmas season, we hosted the first annual Woman-in-You Holiday Soiree/all Night Praise Sleepover. That was the beginning of a wonderful journey that continues to draw me closer to Jesus in ways I never thought possible. As for God, His way is perfect; the Word of the Lord is flawless. He is a shield for all who take refuge in Him.” (Psalm 18:30). We are praying that one day, soon, our televangelism ministry will be fully commenced. Additionally, we are using the channels of radio, print, audio and video, internet and social media to bring the Do It for Christ Message to the ends of the earth. We proclaim Christ—Redemption—The Cross—Eternity. We encourage Prayer—Scripture—The Holy Spirit—Righteous Living. We say Amen to that.

I continue to reside in the United States. God in His Perfect Holiness completes one phase, begins another phase, and then merges and restarts phases as He pleases. God’s will is my absolute pleasure. The Lord has told me to return to my native Africa and work for Him to fulfill His Vision of building spiritual healing centers in the four corners of Africa. Jesus has also taught me that HIS interpretation is different than mine. As the heavens are high above the earth so are His way and thoughts higher than mine, little pithy ones. If the Lord wants to test me over and again I pray that like my ancestral Father Abraham I will take my bundle of wood and start the trek up the mountain, in obedience. As I wait in transition for God to manifest His powers I continue to uniquely take the gospel message of Jesus Christ to a hurting world. I speak it. I teach it. I try to live it in a way that pleases Jesus. However God leads I will follow the Lord. In the process of living and doing this work that Jesus Christ has blessed me with a divine calling to do, I have found God to be faithful. I have found Him to be Jehovah. The Great I AM.

Jehovah is The Present. God is always present in my efforts and endeavors. Give Jesus a chance to be in your business, every day. Over and over God stands with me mercifully every second, minute, hour each day. I know my Lord can never forsake me. When you rely 100% on Jesus Christ, the Lord will never be far from you. Yes(!) Jesus will never leave me. God is Jehovah Shammah.

Jehovah is The Lord of Armies. By His grace, I manage even to smile during the pains life can sometimes inflict. His Word says, “While the outward man was perishing, the inward man was being renewed day by day”. I can attest to that. Somehow when my trials have multiplied those are the times my praise has increased and my worship has soared. How sweet it is to know Jesus. I will bless the Lord at all times and singing His praise will never leave my lips. Yes, Jesus fights for me. God is Jehovah Sabaoth.

Jehovah is My Peace. Jesus Christ brings you peace. His is a kind of peace that makes you wonder if you are alright because you are unfazed by the cares of this world. It’s like you’ve got it going on like that. Yes(!) I wonder about things. There are those days I’ll even try to complain a little. I think out loud. Amazingly how quickly I feel so at ease. My smile never disappears. I laugh with a refreshing vigor. I believe in my soul that Jesus Christ has overcome the world so I am of really good cheer. My friend, that is the peace that Jesus brings. Yes(!) Jesus brings me peace. God is Jehovah Shalom. 

Jehovah is the one who leads me. Whenever the going gets too tough I can feel it when He lifts me up and places me on His shoulders. I begin to love the journey even more. Jesus leads me besides the quiet waters of His Spirit. Drink from that fountain frequently that your soul may be restored. Give God chance to be God. The Lord knows where He is taking you. Follow Jesus Christ all the way. The shepherd has never lost a sheep; He’s not about to start with you. You are in good hands with Jesus. God is Jehovah Rohi.

Jehovah is the mighty provider of every imaginable need. God takes care of His children according to HIS riches in glory. Up in Heaven there is no recession. There are no financial constraints nor does the economy ever go broke. In fact, there is no economy in heaven. There is abundance all over. Everything is plentiful in Gloryland because all God has to do is say “LET THERE BE”. When problems seem to pop up from under the seat cushions and everywhere else, turn things over to Jesus. Let God remain in control and provisions will be made every time. God knows how to make a way out of no way. Stop worrying about your life. Give God permission to manage your life. I am talking about the Favor of Almighty God. Jesus is the Lord who provides for me. Let Jesus provide for you. God is Jehovah Jireh.

Jehovah is my healer this morning.When Jesus Christ is your primary physician and your chief medical specialist, illnesses lose their hold over you. When you open your eyes each morning healing is dispensed along with the grace and mercies for that day. On God’s watch the strength of sickness has a slackened grip. The Lord hears my cry and rescues me from the power illness has of stealing one’s joy. Jesus does it His Way with His balm. God does not always take away the affliction, but He removes the sting of it. Not only is Jesus Christ a great physician, The Lord is the greatest healer. God is Jehovah Ropheka.

Jehovah is holding me close. The Lord has placed his banner of love over me. When you are wrapped up tightly in Jesus, you have nothing to fear. In a short while, stepping in nice mid-heeled sling backs through airport terminals to aircrafts sitting on runways, I will board flights victoriously on my way to African countries, and the world, for Jesus to do it for Christ. Again I know that God’s way is perfect. His Word is without flaw. The Lord is a shield and a buckler for all who put their trust in Him. Let Jesus enfold you with His banner of love. God is Jehovah Nissi.

Jehovah is the one who has set me apart for His purposes. Over and over Jesus lifts my head. The Lord keeps mercifully lifting me up to a different level. I find that as I learn of Him and yearn more of Him, Jesus would lift me up to a different level of faith and sight. This Ministry of DO IT FOR CHRIST will be fulfilled like God intends. Devil the Thief is a liar, a fraud and first class impersonator with cheap tricks. Hear me when I declare we will defeat the Thief. We will defeat all forces that stand against God’s forces. God says, “No weapon formed against His children shall prosper. Every tongue that rises up against his child shall be cut down. Such tongues shall be refuted” As God’s child your enemies become God’s enemies. Whoever attacks you, child of God, will surrender to you. Jesus Christ has set his children apart. Apart we are, indeed! We are not of this world. I have been bought with a price—the price of the blood of Jesus Christ. My God is a mighty fortress. His Word says, “The righteous run to Him and are safe.” Am I righteous? No. But am I a child of God saved and made righteous by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Absolutely Yes(!) I am. Well that settles it then. I am safe from the cares of this world. So are you, too, child of God. Jesus Christ is my sanctifier. God is Jehovah Mekaddishkem.